Jack Russell

NAME: Jack Russell
CENSORSHIP: Account ban

What reason was given for your ban?

Sexual solicitation. I am on my fifth Instagram account.

Why do you think your post(s) was censored?

Because I am being targeted deliberately even though my images are all within community guidelines.

Were you able to appeal and what was the response?

Responded to each image and each account that was deleted,  Instagram responded by removing the images and threatening to close my account.

When they closed my previous accounts, there was no reason given, no response to my appeals.  All of my images have been within community guidelines.

What effect has your experience of censorship had on you?

I have gone from the following of 187,000, to 1500.  I have lost literally thousands of pounds of income and revenue and lost contact details with hundreds of potential customers and clients.

What’s one thing you want people to know about this topic?

Instagram in particular are out to harvest all of your personal data and manage your account in a Machiavellian way.  You are of no value to them.