Leia Jospe

NAME: Leia Jospe
CENSORSHIP: Account ban

What reason was given for your ban?

I was never given a reason.

Why do you think your post(s) was censored?

People mass reporting me,

Were you able to appeal and what was the response?

Yes – I got my account back but then they banned it again.

What effect has your experience of censorship had on you?

It’s really stressful and makes me realise how fragile and fleeting any livelihood based on social media is. There are three people in charge and they control everything. I worked really hard to get to the amount of followers I have and it doesn’t matter if I don’t do anything wrong; they can still be taken from me. It;s really crazy to realise how little control you have.

What’s one thing you want people to know about this topic?

Back up your shit! Download your archive. Make backup accounts.