Marcela Ferri

NAME: Marcela Ferri
PLATFORM & USERNAME: Insta – @marcelaferri
CENSORSHIP: Shadow & Content ban

What reason was given for your ban?

“Goes against the community guidelines”.

Why do you think your post(s) was censored?

Because “no one” wants to see men in dresses, queer freedom, nudity.

Unless it’s from celebrities or and Instagram models of course.

Were you able to appeal and what was the response?

They repeat the same thing, that it still goes against the community’s guidelines.

What effect has your experience of censorship had on you?

I feel excluded, thrown to the outside of the margins. It’s hypocritical.

What’s one thing you want people to know about this topic?

Don’t you ever let them stop you as the courage of the few will set us free.