Mark Osmundsen

NAME: Mark Osmundsen
PLATFORM & USERNAME: Instagram @markozzie
CENSORSHIP: Account & content ban

What reason was given for your ban?

I’ve had MANY issues but the craziest was my Tik Tok being IMMEDIATELY deleted in 2020 despite having 6 viral videos with 1+ MILLION views on each and 52K followers.

NO warning first, and I NEVER even published anything publicly…it was after I PRIVATELY published something with nudity just to save it to my phone. No one would have even been able to view it. Nothing was ever published to my public page.

Why do you think your post(s) was censored?


Were you able to appeal and what was the response?

Yes. Denied, never gained access to my account, never even had a WARNING.

What effect has your experience of censorship had on you?

Lost my Tik Tok account at 52K followers, shadow banned from Instagram for years so never able to grow my following more – has remained at 20K for 2 years

What’s one thing you want people to know about this topic?

That I know it sucks, but we are more than these squares on a screen and there’s more to being an artist and human than social media.