Rubyyy Jones

NAME: Rubyyy Jones
CENSORSHIP: Shadow & content ban

What reason was given for your ban?

Sexual or Adult Activity.

Why do you think your post(s) was censored?

Because my content is both queer and fat and shamelessly so. Though I am always veryyyyyy (sadly) cautious of what I post, because I know the game, I am still regularly shadowbanned and have the content removed periodically.

Were you able to appeal and what was the response?

Yessssssss, I would say about 20% goes back up, the rest does not.

What effect has your experience of censorship had on you?

Besides the impact on my engagement and socials – which is huge when you’re a self-employed artist and business owner – it is so disheartening and manipulative. I see what slim, white young people can post and it’s a lot more than myself and other people who are fat or LGBTQIA+ or BIPOC. I am white and I know this disproportionately affects POC, I can only imagine the feelings of discouragement and fury.

What’s one thing you want people to know about this topic?

I want people to know that even if it doesn’t affect them as an individual, it affects the world they/we live in and the art and perspectives we have access to. It is a white supremacist standard of culture and bodies ultimately and we must resist that with everything we’ve got.